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  Addressing the Social Isolation and Loneliness of Elders 

Senior Inclusion and Participation Project SIPP


Creating a caring community

SIPP is an innovative, community-based project to raise awareness of the loneliness experienced by many of today’s older adults and to reduce the impact social isolation has on their health and psychological well-being.

We work toward a better understanding of the social problem of loneliness and isolation by developing sensitive and meaningful ways to intervene. Overall, it is about creating a caring community.

What Are We Doing

SIPP is working with community partners, faith communities and young ‘befrienders’ to reach out with Senior Brunches, Community Education and Community Events (such as Senior Tech Events and Senior Creativity Events) as well as many more one-on-one activities to gently bring lonely older persons back into a caring community.


Addressing the Social Isolation and Loneliness of Elders

AGE 50


An estimated one in five adults over age 50
- at least 8 million -
are affected by isolation. (1)

AGE 65+


About 29 percent of people age 65+ live alone. (2)

AGE 75+


Almost 50 percent
of older women age 75+ live alone. (2)



Twice as many women live alone as men. (2)

Our community offers a special local resource guide.

Affiliations & Support
SIPPs evolving work is evidence-based on the World Health Organization’s 8 domains of an age-friendly city. It is an incubated nonprofit project of Los Altos Mountain View Community Foundation. SIPP was the recipient of a FY19 Community Benefit Program grant by the El Camino Healthcare District.​


1) AARP Foundation (May 2012), “Framework for Isolation in Adults Over 50.”
Perspectives on Psychological Science, Holt-Lunstad-10(2), 227-237 (2015).
2) Administration on Community Living (May 2016), “A Profile of Older Americans: 2015”.

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